The Swiss Elephant's Properties





Many things were already changed on and around the property and there are more things to come. Below are some pictures of the work we have done so far. Check back frequently - there is more to come.

Cleaning was not a priority for the previous owner.

then  /  now

No water drainage was in place. Dirt roads were flooded when it rained, causing a big mess.
So we added drainage in fall 2007.


then (1st picture) /  now (next pictures)

Drainage outlets being wrapped and protected against animals entering


A completely overgrown fence line along our property at the beginning. We cleared it all.


then  /  now

Upgrading underwent on all over the place. All with the help and under supervision of Mr. John "Deere" Clark.


Tractor expert at work

Abandoned Home replaced by new one


Much nicer to look at now. Will take a while til the grass grows back.

We had some neighbors whose property really did not quite fit our expectations of neighborhood


Adjacent to our property they were sitting on 2 acres of trash. We managed to buy the place in February of 2008 and.....


.... started to clean it up. Houses, cars, trash - everything was piled up by some huge Caterpillars...


..and after hauling off almost 50 (fifty!!!) tons of debris, the place started to look the way we like it.

Major road paving project in Fall 2008. Now, each home has it's paved driveway and all roads are improved


then  /  now


then  /  now / now

New home site built including new septic tank, water and powerline.


Upgrades to existing homes were made, too. New skirting, decks and improved looks


then  /  now



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